All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019
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AbelCam was very easy to set up and service and support was extremely quick and responsive.

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Example Layout using AbelCam on several computers
9 cameras

AbelCam Network

1) Windows Vista running one or several AbelCam Network Camera Agent

2) Windows XP running AbelCam Pro with two local capture devices and a TV capture card

3) Windows 2000 running three local capture devices (USB, Firewire, PTZ)

4) Windows XP AbelCam Front end server runs all the cameras within the private network as agents


  • any number of agents on 1) - 4)
  • AbelCam Features on two servers

Licenses used in this setup:

  • one AbelCam Network Camera Agent License
    one license covers all computers, as long as they are within the same building. -> in this example, 4 cameras are covered with one 17.50 EUR license
  • two AbelCam Pro Licenses
    Two AbelCam Servers ( 27.50 EUR each )
  • three Camera Licenses
    these camera licenses are added to AbelCam (7.75 EUR each)


nine live cameras
Total License cost < 100 EUR